Editorial Policy

In an effort of full disclosure and transparency, this Editorial Policy is designed to give readers an idea of our practices regarding reviews, articles, and editorials from ‘Keep Her Spark’.

Please note, this policy pertains strictly to ‘Keep Her Spark’ directly and any contributing reviews from 3rd parties may not fit under this policy; however, we make efforts to ensure the legitimacy and unbiased nature of articles submitted.  We require all individuals who submit reviews or articles to our site to provide full disclosure regarding any reimbursements or gifts or income received for the review and this should be included at the bottom of the review.  However, we cannot be held responsible when such information has been withheld without our knowing.

At times, ‘Keep Her Spark’ may receive loaner vehicles and certain expense privileges that would be required both for the sustainability of the site and the availability to perform the article or review, as obviously purchasing each reviewed vehicle or product would be impractical and unaffordable.  This practice is considered common in the review industry.

What is important is ensuring that we retain full rights to unbiased and honest opinions to be published without influence from associated reimbursements.

Occasionally, we will receive gifts and other items from retailers or manufacturers reaching out to us for publicity. This is also common in the industry.

It is also common for expenses to be provided for travel related costs in order to attend events.  Often these expenses are provided in an effort to bring media to events where companies are seeking media presence and articles.

Users of ‘Keep Her Spark’ may also occasionally be requested to write reviews for products and at times, their reviews may be requested for winning contests or for displaying ownership of something.  In such cases, a disclosure should be provided with the review.