It All Started With A Lemonade Stand

When you think about, every business is essentially the same. From the largest conglomerate to the smallest book store, every business boils down to the same fundamentals that exist in a child’s lemonade stand.

As I tried to explain budgeting, investing, and income concepts to my young daughters, I grasped heavily onto trying to break down these ideas into something they could understand. And so one summer, as we put together a lemonade stand, we talked about assets (the value of the stand and the cash in their wallet) and debt (the money they might have had to repay dad from their earnings if he wasn’t so kind to donate their ingredients).

As my daughter got older, I set her up with a savings account and within it, she found an “investing” tab.

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She was filled with questions, many that were pretty complicated for a small child to understand.

But many of these questions were the same one my peers were asking, because a lot of the answers out there just didn’t break complicated concepts down into simple fundamentals.

So, I made it my objective to simplify investing into fundamentals that made sense on where value was derived and what causes the underlying supply and demand.

I expanded upon this information by using my interest in passive income opportunities to create a one stop blog that finds fun ways to make more money, find ways to stretch the budget, and inform individuals who had enough left over to invest how to do it.

Every business at it’s core is a lemonade stand.

In this blog, you’ll find information on how to figure out if an investment is a good value. You’ll also find ways that I implement in my own life to get more cash back in my wallet, ensuring my budget goes as far as possible.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a personal finance blog if we didn’t round it out with articles about improving income, decreasing expenses, budgeting, and more.

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